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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Platinum Securities focuses on corporate finance services both for Asian companies seeking to expand within Asia or internationally, and for international companies seeking opportunities to initiate or diversify their presence in Asia. We have experienced professionals with the necessary skills and market exposure to advise and guide our clients from initiation to successful completion of a wide range of corporate finance and capital market transactions.


Platinum Securities focuses on the following services :


  • Fund raising
  • Initial public offerings
  • Direct investments
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Recapitalisation and restructuring
  • Corporate advisory services

Platinum Completed Deals

Singamas Container Holdings Ltd

(Stock Code : 716)

Connected Transaction in relation to a Proposed Repayment Proposal

Transaction Value
HKD 1.2 Billion

Independent Financial Adviser

The Hong Kong Building and Loan Agency Ltd.

(Stock Code : 145)

Proposed Rights Issue on the Basis of
One (1) Rights Share For Every
Three (3) Existing Shares

Transaction Value
HKD 24 Million

Financial Adviser and Sole Underwriter to the Rights Issue


(Stock Code : 6690)

Privatisation of Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd. and H Share listing of Haier Smart Home Co., Ltd.

Transaction Value
HKD 116.7 Billion

Valuation Adviser to HSH

Li & Fung Limited

(Stock Code : 494)

Privatisation & Withdrawal of Listing of Li & Fung Limited

Transaction Value
HKD 7.2 Billion

Independent Financial Adviser

Kerry Logistics Network Limited

(Stock Code : 636)

Discloseable and Connected Transaction in respect of the Proposed Acquisition of remaining shares in Target Group

Transaction Value
USD 176 Million

Independent Financial Adviser

Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd.

(Stock Code : 241)

Discloseable and Connected Transaction
Continuing Connected Transactions

Transaction Value
HKD 8.1 Billion

Independent Financial Adviser

Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd.

(Stock Code : 241)

Renewal of Non-Exempt Continuing
Connected Transactions

Transaction Value
HKD 1.6 Billion

Independent Financial Adviser

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